ResDiary shows you your bookings in a simple view, spread across your services. It calculates which are the best tables for you to use for walk-ins and shows you who is due to arrive and when. Everything you need to run your service is there, in a single screen.

Table Plan View

Grid View

ResDiary - tableplanview

Manage your floor easily in service by using the Table plan view. Each area within your restaurant can be defined and you can also view the running order for each table, drag tables from the expected arrivals list and view the meal status of each guest.

Online Restaurant Booking - Gridview

See your booking or arrival statuses at a glance using the Grid View. You can gain an overview of your entire service (and day), view sections and tables, see a visible ‘time line’ of all bookings and drag and drop tables for easy allocation of bookings.

Running Order View

Magic Search

The running order view is a completely interactive list of your bookings for the date you are viewing. You can customize this view to a specific order, sort your bookings by section or service, print a list of tables and booking requirements for servers or the kitchen – and use to welcome guests to the restaurant quickly.

Are you looking for something? A customer? A settings page or maybe even a report? You can simply start typing in the search box and as you type you will be offered a list of items related to your search. As if by magic, you can click on the booking, report or setting you were looking for and you will be taken straight to it.

Booking Details


If you click on a booking you can check or edit the booking details, change the arrival status, confirm or delete the booking and much more.

You can quickly select 5 days of the week or click on the date in the field to see this month and next. You can also use the arrows on the diary to go back and forth.

Pax / Table Capacity

Manage Group

You can easily see how many customers you have booked in each time slot and if you hover over a tool tip will show you the maximum set for that time slot. If you go over the number will turn red.

Are you part of a large group, or have multiple venues? Clicking on your Restaurants name will allow you to switch to other restaurants or bars in your group. Now it’s even easier to know which account you are in.

Search Availability


You can dive into Search Availability right from the “Book” drop down button. Search availability within any given time range or area in your restaurant or across your group.

You can now create a walk-in in 4 different ways.

  • If you click the drop down on the “Book” button you can select walk-in and start the booking process.
  • Select the time your booking is coming in and complete the booking right on the diary.
  • You can now make a walk-in booking straight from Next Best Tables, select the best table and start the walk-in process.
  • We have now added shortcuts, when on the diary view simply click W on the keyboard and you will go straight to the walk-in booking process.

W8 List

W8List™ by ResDiary reservation management system is a fully functional waiting list.

It’s fast, efficient, and will increase your revenue – all this whilst successfully decreasing the time spent in front of a computer managing your availability.

This will allow you to spend valuable time talking to customers and managing you waiting guests’ expectations, enhancing the customer experience.

ResDiary Demonstration