Your Restaurant Diary

Restaurant Booking System
  • Demonstrates arrival times, duration and status of bookings, and a list of all tables and their capacity
  • Contains a waitlist (W8list™)
  • Spontaneous visitors without a booking can easily be registered as “walk ins”
  • Shows table occupancy and availability, including remaining time available
  • Shows reservation and meal status of your guests
  • Easy to build and can include several restaurant sections, if required
  • Detailed, interactive and customisable list of all your reservations

Flat rate pricing model starting at 69€

Unlike other software’s we don’t charge you per booking, you will only be charged with a monthly flat fee. Once registered, unlimited users are able to log themselves in to your system. We offer the three following ResDiary packages:

  • ResDiary Connect (69€ per month)
  • ResDiary Express (109€ per month)
  • ResDiary Pro (169€ per month)

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Your digital assistant and revenue management tool

  • When a reservation is made, ResDiary decides which tables suit best, according to your preferences
  • When a booking for a large group of people is made or your restaurant is highly occupied, the system automatically works out how to place the tables to efficiently use the maximum of space and therefore increases the number of seatings. With this automatization you optimize the capacity of your business
  • ResDiary also warns you if an overbooking is possible to occur.
  • Special occasions with different opening hours or different table positioning are once set up in ResDiary and from then on dealt with automatically
  • After their visit the guests automatically receive a personalised “thank you for your visit” e-mail

The ResDiary customer relationship management (CRM)

  • Create a database of all your customers
  • Guests, their reviews, preferences, VIP-status and much further information is automatically stored by the ResDiary CRM once the client or you typed them into the system.
  • Automatic emails become more personalised and authentic
  • The CRM provides automatic and guaranteed support of your customer’s loyalty
  • Contact your clients out of your CRM for free, whenever you want
  • Keep track of all your contacts and clients no matter where you are
  • Additionally, we don’t use your data to promote our software with so called paper clip ads and therefore have comparatively reduced costs

Your 24/7 marketing & sales solution

  • With the ResDiary CRM you can optimize your email marketing and broadcasting
  • ResDiary comes with a free inbuilt email marketing solution which means you can manage your customer database, send emails and track results – all through your ResDiary account.
  • Automated emails are adapted to your restaurants style and are customizable.
  • The data of your clients fully belongs to you which means that only you can use all of your data combined with the automatic email service for further promoting business
  • With its responsive design ResDiary also works perfectly on mobile websites
  • Take online payments with our reliable system and guarantee bookings by credit card
  • Use SMS as a marketing tool
  • Restaurant vouchers are perfect gifts and bring even more people to your restaurant.
  • With its unique concierge system ResDiary makes it easy for third parties to book online for other people.

International: Whenever and wherever

  • You also have access to ResDiary from your tablet and your mobile device from all over the world. All you need is a browser and internet access
  • On the installable ResDiary widget your guests can make reservations directly from your Facebook and Twitter page, as well as from your restaurants website
  • The widget is available in over 20 different languages
  • ResDiary is also a perfect solution for restaurant chains as multiple users can access to the same account, and with one single login a whole group of restaurants can be managed
  • Set permissions for your users so you keep control of how they are using the platform
  • ResDiary is already being used by 4‘500 businesses in over 40 countries all over the world and growing by over 100 companies monthly!

Simple Setup

Restaurant Booking System
  • The setup is easy and comprehensible so you do not need the expensive help from technical experts
  • ResDiary will be set and ready to use after 72 hours within working days
  • It can all be done online and your progress can be stored if your set up is interrupted

For your guests

  • With ResDiary you provide the possibility of reliable reservations and cancellations 24/7 in more than 20 different languages
  • Your guests receive an immediate confirmation of their booking via e-mail or text message
  • People can download the free ResDiary app for quick reservations from wherever you are
  • Reviews and comments can be made and published anonymously or with your name displayed

Concierge programme

Online Restaurant Booking
  • Allow third parties to make a booking for someone else
  • You provide your concierges a clear structured concierge account with a simple registration
  • They have an easy overview over their number of bookings and covers
  • The ResDiary concierge system guarantees a free reporting within a customisable time range